what is multidimensional data?
food protein calcium sodium potassium
fish broth 2 0.03 0.318 0.086
blood sausage 14.6 0.006 0.68 0.038
puffed millet 13 0.008 0.005 0.004
medjool dates 1.81 0.064 0.001 0.696
what is data visualization?
imposing space/time on data
for example
cartesian coordinate system
hans rosling's bubble chart
fertility rate
life expectancy
fertility rate y axis
life expectancy x axis
population radius
region color
year animation
problems for data exploration
hit a limit at 5-6 dimensions
more dimensions more problems
how can we work with dozens of dimensions?
and another thing!
dimension encodings are qualitatively different
position, color, radius
how can we give equal weight to every dimension?
data table
data table
can't fit everything onto one screen
data table
weak visual clues
data table
ad hoc computation and transformation
what is exploring?
looking for patterns
seeking structure
applying theory
having fun
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parallel coordinates
| | | | | | |
An interactive, multidimensional geometry in
2-d space
Nutrient Scatterplot
Nutrient Parallel Coordinates
Broken Parallel Coordinates
Fisheye Parallel Coordinates
Cost of Living
App Store Rankings
Interactive Learning Module - comes with this book
Wyoming Veteran Gravesites
Parallel Coordinates Library
Force-Directed Parallel Coordinates